Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Article 2: Reasons for Studying Sport

On August 28th and September 2nd, our class discussed some reasons for studying sports. One of the many reasons that people study sports is because gambling is big business in the sport industry. According to our notes, sports’ wagering, done legally or illegally, brings in about $382.4 billion. An article I found on Press of Atlantic City reports that the recently elected commissioner of the National Basketball Association, Adam Silver, says that legal sports betting will happen at some point in the United States.  Due to the popularity in sports’ wagering already today, I expect the amount to rise if this were to ever happen. According to the article, Commissioner Adam Silver is a proponent of this opportunity because it would bring in more interested fans. In class we discussed some forms of sports’ wagering which include fantasy sports leagues, College Basketball Tournament leagues, as well as the many other games people could place a bet on. In the past you had to go to Las Vegas if you wanted to place a bet, however with today’s advancement in technology, people are able to place a wager right from the comfort of their own home.  According to our notes, sports’ wagering is big business revenue. While it can come with the success of winning, there are many problems that can occur if you become addicted to sports’ wagering.
                                                Example of Sports Wagering in Las Vegas

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