Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Article 3: Sport and Education

In our September 25th and September 30th classes we discussed Sport and Education in American Sports in the 21st Century. One the subtopic that was discussed was the participation of students while they are pursuing their education. The Snohomish Times out of Snohomish, Washington, discusses the increase in sport participation. According to a study conducted by National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) 7.8 million student-athletes participate in sports.  According to the article, the state of Washington ranks in 17th place for participation of student-athletes with 159,548. The state with the most participation is Texas with 805,299 student -athletes.  According to our notes, some of the reasons that students participate in high-school athletics is to be involved in student activities, build self-esteem, enhance fitness and participation, and to develop skills needed further in life. According to the study, girls’ participation increased for the 25th consecutive year. One of the things that we learned as well is that academics usually improve due to being a student-athlete because you are held to a much higher standard. One of the rules at many institutions is the eligibility rule, which requires that you have to have a certain grade in order to participate in that week’s games so student-athletes usually take their studies more seriously.  

                                                       Example of High School Athletics



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