Monday, November 24, 2014

Article 5: Sport and the Economy

In our October 16th and October 21st class we discussed the relationship between the sport industry

and the economy. The relationships between these two entities are very much related as they both are

depended on each other.  In a Sports Business Journal article, it talks about how minor league

franchise values are increasing. In the article it discusses that not too long ago that minor league

teams could be had as a way to pull the former owner of the team out of debt. Also noted in the

article is the roughly 40 million people attended a minor league baseball game which is said to be

more the NBA, NHL or NFL. As we stated in our notes, that while the costs of owning a franchise

are rising, the league revenues are falling which have put a decreased on the number of jobs available

in the workforce.  A lot of the industry money depends on the extra income that a person has to

spend. I know for example, that I would rather attend a professional sporting event then a minor

league sporting event so I would usually try to safe my money to spend on the professional sporting

event then I would if a minor league sporting event was close to me. As stated in our notes that

people have to have the extra time, money, transportation in order to attend the sporting event and a

lot of it depends on the economy and the persons job situation. With many companies cutting jobs to

save money many people do not have the extra spending money that they once did to spend at games.
Home of the Dayton Dragons
Sold for $40 million in July 2014





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