Sunday, November 30, 2014

Article 8: Race and Ethnicity

On November 6th and November 11th we discussed in the class the topic of Race and Ethnicity in the sport industry. In our notes we learned the difference between Race and Ethnicity.  Race is the social category constructed and accepted by society to describe members with genetic similarity. Ethnicity is a group that is socially distinct population that shares a way of life and is committed to the ideas, norms, and things that constitute that way of life.  In an article I found on the website, TheGuardian, talks about current and former players calling that teams need to target one in five coaches must come from a African American background and an ethnic minority group. Much like the National Football League adopted the rule that all teams must interview at least one African American Head Coach when they have an opening available. That rule was instituted by Dan Rooney the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and chairman of the league diversity committee. In our notes we learned that sport is not free from racial problems and it reflects the same racial issues in society. In a recent research study conducted, it shows that only 3.4% of coaching positions across the 92 clubs of the Premier League. Gordon Taylor, the Professional Footballers’ Association Chief Executive have stated the need to implement the Rooney Rule. It would expand the use of minorities in the coaching industry. The need to help expand the use of race and ethnic minorities will also help grow the sport more globally.
Gordon Taylor- Professional Footballers' Association Chief Executive

Former Blackburn Rovers Forward, Jason Roberts, said that "race disparity in coaching was 'an embarrassment to football"


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